How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Yourself

Bed bugs are turning out to be a very big global problem. These pests have conquered the news headlines lately, most especially in the United States wherein infestations are being reported on a habitual basis. The most susceptible areas would be those big city centers with a lot of people in a small area. It was reported that a city spent about half a million dollars just to get rid of bed bugs but turned out to be unsuccessful because of the pest’s tolerance to an insecticide which is called pyrethroid. This insecticide is often found in most products at home that are registered to get rid of bed bugs.


Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed on blood. Mostly, they will dine on animals that are warm-blooded and some evidences show that humans are not necessarily their very first choice of victim.

On the other hand, a female bed bug will live for about five months if it’s in the correct conditions and during that time, she can lay eggs up to a thousand. Once these pests invade your home, they are unbelievably hard to eliminate.

Therefore, being completely knowledgeable and aware of the various signs that the bed bugs are present in your home could definitely make a big difference. This can enable you to recognize, as well as treat the problem immediately.

Common Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Bites – if you happen to notice that you have welts or small red bumps on your body, there is a possibility that you have been bitten by these pests. Most often, these bites can be seen on areas of the skin which were left exposed during the night like the face, legs, arms and neck.
  • Blood Smears – since bed bugs feed from human hosts when they are sleeping, it can take about ten minutes for one to be able to fill up on blood. This means that if the human host moves during this time, it can easily be crushed. Therefore, little blood smears present on the linen is a clear sign that these bugs have been lingering around your home.
  • Odor – as with many insects, when a bed bug is crushed it will emit a very unpleasant smell. In the case of these bugs, they will also give out bad smell when they are present in big numbers. So if you enter into a room and you sniff a smell of rotten raspberries, there is a possibility that your home has been infested with bed bugs.

Various Types of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Nymph Feeding On Human - Cimex Lectularis
Bed Bug Nymph Feeding On Human – Cimex Lectularis

There are numerous types are known to exist as bed bugs, the pest that comes from the family of Cimcidae.

  • Cimex Lectularis – These are the most common, and the hosts that they usually feed on are the humans. They settle to areas where human beings stay and live, even though they are quite known to opt for temperate climates.
  • Cimex Hemipterus – Mostly found in tropical climates where bats and poultries are there usual victims. However, when it comes to humans, they do not say no. For
  • Leptocimex boueti – Often located in South America as well as in Africa, feeding on both bats and humans.
  • Haematosiphon Inodora – Found in the North America region and is known to attack more poultry compared to other species.
  • Oeciacus – Sets its attention on birds, living as a parasite on their skin.

How to Kill Bed Bugs Yourself

There are a number of easy steps that you might want to consider and follow which will hopefully help you in getting rid of those pesky bed bugs on your home. Here’s how you can do it all by yourself:

  • Remove the clutter and clear the room. If you see things that you are not using anymore and just laying there like books, magazines and newspapers, you can gather all of it and place them in a box or plastic bags. Do not forget to seal them tight and securely before disposing them.
  • Take away all used bed linens and clothing and put them in a sealed plastic bag. Launder everything at a high temperature as much as possible. Once garments have already been treated successfully, place them in a clean, new and fresh plastic bag and firmly seal them in order to prevent re contamination To add to that, you must also look through cabinets and drawers and clean them up because these bugs will hide out anywhere they want.
  • Once you made the room clear of clutter and mess, vacuum every part of the room in a thorough manner and this has to include the curtains, furniture and the bed. It is important that after you used the vacuum, empty the contents and put in a plastic bag, completely sealed before throwing them away.
  • Steam Cleaning – This method has proven to be among the best in killing bed bugs. Steam cleaning is the excessive heat generated through steam which is very effective in killing bed bugs in your house. However, there is a procedure which you should follow in order to kill these insects effectively. The first thing which you should do is to ensure that the room which is infested is well exposed in order to know all the hiding points of the bed bugs.
  • Using Insecticides – Though this isn’t the best method, it is an option if you don’t mind using chemicals in your househol. You can use Cyonara 9.7 which is a residual insecticide which has proven to be effective in killing bed bugs in your house. This brand of insecticide is manufactured specifically to kill these insects and is also used to stop infestation for long period of time. The first thing to do if you are using this insecticide is, to dilute it with water before spaying it into all areas in your rooms which are infested. Ensure that all crevices, cracks & corners of well sprayed. Nevertheless, it is not important to use this insecticide directly into those areas which you use for sitting and sleeping. Therefore, ensure that you have kept a side your mattresses, sofas and cushions when you are spraying.
  • Use of Dust Spray consisting of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – There are various dusts which can be used for killing bugs present in your mattresses and beds. The dust sprays are usually designed to facilitate application with the help of dusters & small paint brushes. The bugs can be killed immediately by spraying it into crevices and cracks. However, this process needs to be repeated several times with duration of two month in order to get rid of the infestations completely.
  • Use Your Clothes Dryer – Put anything that will fit and won’t be damaged by the dryer, or damage the dryer into said dryer. The hot air will kill both bed bugs and their eggs. Follow this drying with a wash cycle, and another round of drying. Do not simply place items out in direct sunlight, as this will not get to the required 120° temperature and will not kill anything.
  • Black Trash Bags and Sunlight – If you have things that won’t fit in the dryer, or you don’t want to put in the dryer another effective heat method is to place the items in sealed black plastic bags and leaving them in the sun for a day or two. This should get the inside of the trash bags to the required temperature of 120 degrees or higher, and should kill all bed bugs and their eggs.