How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Naturally

If you have ever had your home infested by fruit flies, you must know how difficult it is to get rid of them. They breed very fast, and can even survive for a long time after you have disposed all your suspect vegetables and fruits. Winning a battle against fruit flies needs persistence and patience. The following are some ways on how to kill fruit flies naturally.

Dispose off any rotten vegetables and fruits

First things first. Immediately you notice fruit flies, you should purge your produce. Any vegetable or fruit that oozes liquid or is beyond ripe, or is broken or cut must go. Do not just dispose them in a compost or garbage bin, unless the compost bin is located outdoors. Bag any rotting food and take it to the outside trash. After doing that, carefully clean any mess that might have been left behind.

Set a vinegar trap in the problem area

The most effective way of eliminating fruit flies is by wiping out the reproductive adults. Lucky enough, fruit flies are not smart at all. If something smells like fermenting fruit or vegetable, they will dive in right away. Place several vinegar traps around the areas that you have seen them, and within a few minutes they will all be dead.

Remove any potential food sources or breeding areas

Fix drains and remove any organic matter in garbage and plumbing disposals.
Fruit flies can live in the muck found in your drainage within the house. If there is organic matter hanging outside your pipes, then this will provide an excellent breeding ground for fruit flies. Wrap some plastic tape on the suspect drains for several days. If after several days you see adults on the downside of the plastic, then it means breeding is taking place in your drain. Boil water and pour it down the drains. This loosens the accumulated deposits. You may also use a brush to free the debris inside the pipe.

Clean your kitchen thoroughly

You will be surprised by where in the kitchen food bits can get into. If your kitchen has been seriously infested by fruit flies, you might have to use elbow grease to remove their food sources. Check underneath the lip of your kitchen sink because there could be some food bits hidden there. Lift the stovetop and clean the burner pans to remove small food particles. Also ensure that you eliminate those sticky juice spots as they attract fruit flies.

Clean your dishes, especially juice or wine glasses, immediately

Do not wait until the day ends so that you wash your dishes. They will attract fruit flies if they have residues of such things as wine or jelly. At the very least, rinse the dishes so as to remove any beverage or food bits. Take trash outside immediately you dump leftovers in the bin. If you use a dishwasher, after rinsing the dishes load it and run the load immediately.

Check onion and potato storage bins

Most people keep vegetables, onions and potatoes in a cupboard or in a dark cool bin. Ensure that you check these areas for rotting produce. Just one rotten potato is enough to allow fruit flies to live and reproduce in your kitchen. Dispose any mushy or soft onions or potatoes, and clean the storage area.