How To Get Rid Of Lice Naturally – 4 Natural Methods

Head lice are wingless insects that are easily transmitted with no indication of poor hygiene as its leading cause. This insect is one of the most difficult to exterminate insects known by man because it can survive for up to 30 days on a small amount of blood obtained from an individual’s scalp. Research has revealed that head lice can be transmitted from one person to the other through contact, sharing clothes and other personal items with the infected person.

A majority of people are opting to some highly recommended methods for how to kill lice naturally because lice have become resistant to over-the-counter insecticides. Various natural remedies can help you eradicate this menace including the following approaches.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most excellent smothering agents that you can use to get rid of head lice. For instance, according to a study conducted by Harvard School of Medicine, olive oil is the most effective natural method to use while killing head lice. It works by blocking the lice’s breathing holes and hence they suffocate and die. However, you need to apply olive oil to your hair under a shower cap before you sleep because generally head lice can survive without breathing for a long period of time. Comb to remove nits early in the morning using a lice comb.

2. Wash and dry clothing under hot temperature

This is considered to be one of the oldest approaches to naturally get rid of lice. However, you should ensure that you set the highest temperature that will not make the fabric to shrink. This method not only helps to kill any lice eggs but also any other living head lice harbored in your clothing. Dry your clothing as well under the hottest temperature if you want to rest assured of the best results. Basically, this method helps to minimize transmission of lice from one individual to the other through sharing of clothes as mentioned earlier.

3. Tea tree oil

This is another essential oil that’s considered to be more suitable for anyone with sensitive skin. For instance, if your skin is allergic to other essential oils used to remove lice, then tea tree oil can make a perfect choice for you. You can use it to compliment other natural methods for exterminating lice like using a lice comb. All you need to do is to apply it in the same manner as olive oil and leave it for two hours. Tea tree hill disintegrates the lice into small pieces through a mechanism which is yet to be established.

4. Mayonnaise or Vaseline

These are pretty well known natural approaches for killing head lice. Obtain fresh Mayonnaise or Vaseline then smear it thoroughly over your head and ensure it covers your hair, around the forehead and the ears and down the neck. If you use mayonnaise, leave your covered hair to rest for two hours then wash it out using clean water and shampoo. You may have to wash for a few time repeatedly until you get clean feeling hair then rinse with a 50:50 vinegar/water solution. However, if you use Vaseline, you may be compelled to wash it out using repeated doses of dawn dish detergent to get the goop out.

With these natural methods for how to kill head lice, you should be able to avoid the additional expenses that come with over the counter insecticides. However, you need to consult your doctor before you choose the method that best suits your condition.