How To Get Rid Of Mold Naturally – 3 Natural Methods

Mold is considered to be a major health hazard. Consequently, home and business owners should seek to remove it as soon as it discovered. This harmful substance is responsible for numerous health including allergies and asthma. While there are other health conditions suspected like dizziness and reduction in reflex time, some of the research has not confirmed these findings. Fortunately, there are natural ways to remove the mold from various places since commercial products often contain additional hazardous ingredients such as bleach. Currently, there are least three natural solutions that are classed as effective mold killers and they can be used in bathrooms and other areas of the home.

White Vinegar

While vinegar is used for many different purposes, it is also an effective solution to kill mold. Specifically, the white vinegars is normally recommended to be used by home and business owners to kill the mold that infects various areas in a home and business facility. This solution is very effective because it kills approximately 80% of the mold.

There are many benefits to using vinegar as a viable option since it is inexpensive to buy and can be purchased in local grocery stores and well as other retail places. One of the main disadvantages to using white vinegar as a solution is the sour smell that it leaves. However, in many cases, the smell has to dissipate over a period of a few hours. To avoid these smells, some people simply open up a window or two to let the affected rooms air out.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Another great natural option that’s used to kill the mold is grapefruit seed extract. The recommended amount is normally 20 drops per two cups of water in a clean spray bottle. Before spraying the mold with this solution, each individual should shake the mix very well. After spraying the solution directly on the mold, it should not be rinsed. Some people prefer this method to the vinegar solution since they do not have to worry about the unpleasant smell that vinegar normally leaves. The downside to this choice is the cost of this solution because it can be very expensive. To reduce the price, people may have to search online and in their local areas.

Tea Tree Oil

In addition to using Grapefruit seed extract, home and business owners may also use tea tree oil. By mixing 2 cups and water with 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil, the person can make a quick solution that they can spray on the mold. As with grapefruit seed extract, the mixture does not have to be rinsed off. It is a very effective mold solution because it kills the mold as soon as there is contact. Compared to the other choices, it also has advantages as well as disadvantages. Two of the top disadvantages are the cost and the smell. However, this kind of natural solution normally goes a long way when applied. Some people like to use this natural solution in their bathrooms because it also like an antiseptic.