How To Get Rid Of Roaches Naturally – 4 Natural Methods

Roaches not only occur as a result of unsanitary conditions, contrary to the common belief that they do. For instance, it is indeed very possible to get at least one roach even in the cleanest places around your home. Also, they can be brought about by certain climatic condition but in most cases their main attraction is food that’s left out. A roach is one of the most annoying and downright scary things that a person, especially when your visitors can come across one. Majority of people find it easier to kill cockroaches using common insecticides or call in an exterminator. However, these methods can be hazardous to your family members and pets, besides being pricey and hence it is highly recommended that you use the following natural methods.

Use Borax

This is one of the best methods for getting rid of cockroaches naturally in your home because it is inexpensive, fume-free, environmentally-friend and chemical-free. While most roaches can survive artificial extermination, surely they can’t survive a run with Borax. Ideally, this natural roach killer causes them to become dehydrated and die when they come in contact with it. All you have to do is place a few bowls of borax in roach infested places in your home. However, be keen enough not to wet Borax as it loses its effectiveness when wet. For more in-depth information on this method, check out our other article: How To Kill Roaches With Borax.

Sugar and Baking Powder

Mix sugar and baking powder in equal proportions to create a mixture which is usually considered to be another powerful roach killer. The best thing with this method is that it is simple to administer and hence you can do it by yourself. For instance, sprinkle the mixture inside the cabinets and around your house as well. Basically, the sugar in the mixture will attract the cockroaches to feed on it, and the baking powder will damage both their digestive system and their outer skeleton resulting in immediate death.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is one of the best organic control method that works best in not only killing roaches but also useful in killing other unwanted house pests in your home like fleas. Diatomaceous Earth works for all types of roaches and other pests through the same killing mechanism as Borax, by draining water out of their bodies and eventually die. This method is also considered to be very effective and safe.

Bay Leaves and Catnip

These are the best plants you can use to get rid of cockroaches in your home. Ideally, roaches are put off or suffocated by the smell of Bay leaves and catnip and in most cases tend to avoid places where these plants are placed. The easiest way to oversee this method is by buying dry bay leaves and catnip then sprinkle on areas commonly infested by roaches in your home like cabinets. These pest control methods for how to kill roaches naturally are generally DIY. Killing cockroaches using these natural techniques not only involves getting rid of a nuisance that might quickly get out of control but are also helpful in keeping your pets and family safe. It doesn’t cost you a fortune to get rid of roaches using these methods because they are simple and inexpensive to administer.