How To Kill Ants Yourself

Ants are very common pests in many places in the world. If they do not interfere with human life, ants provide many benefits for example they help to kill other pests such as bedbugs and fleas. It is important to note that bedbugs will be driven by their quest to find food. This means that the best way to keep them off is to ensure that they don’t realize that you have goodies in the house. There are many types of ants for example pavement, thief, fire and carpenter ants and many other types.

How to Identify Ant Types

how-to-kill-ants-yourselfIt is worth noting that different types of ants require different kind of measures to eradicate them. It is therefore important for you to know how to identify the specific type of ant in your house so as to be able to choose the best control measure. To identify the ant type, you would need to pick it using a pair of tweezers and then viewing it under a magnifying glass. You must be in a position to know what features to look for in an ant so as to be able to identify it.

Pick an ant and observe it closely using a pair of magnifying glass. While magnified, determine the number of nodes. Some ants have one node while other will have two nodes.

Examine the color of the ant. Different types of ants will have different color characteristics and patterns. Although many people may think that all ants are of the same color, viewing them under a magnifying glass will reveal a different story.

After noting the above features, use an ant identification chart to identify the type of ant with the noted characteristics.

How To Get Rid Of Ants Yourself

When ants invade your house, you are left with no other option apart from killing them. Ants can be killed using chemicals or using natural methods.

Killing Ants Using Chemicals

There are a number of chemicals that have been found to be effective in killing ants. The most common ones are hydramethylnol, avermectin and fenoxycarb. fenoxycarb and avermectin are known to be growth regulators which usually target the queen. Hydramethlnol is a slow acting poison that is used to kill ants. Acephate dust is also be used to kill ants. The dust is usually poured around the ant’s mounds. Always remember to wear gloves every time you come into contact with these chemicals.

Natural Methods Used to Kill Ants

Vinegar – Vinegar is known to repel and also kill different types of ants. Therefore, whenever ants invade your house, sprinkle vinegar on kitchen counters, windowsills, doors and inside the cabinets. If you identify the exact point of entry, spray that area too with vinegar.

Honey – Ants will be attracted to the smell of honey. Therefore if you place a bowl of honey on the kitchen countertop, ants will come to eat the honey and considering the fact that honey is sticky, the ants will stick there and die. You should replace the bowl from time to time until you realize that there are no more ants in the house.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is applied the same way vinegar is applied. Spray it inside the cabinets, kitchen counter tops, windowsills and so on. If you are able to identify the exact point in the house where the ants are coming from, spray that area too. Cinnamon will kill the ants that come into contact with it and repel the others.

Turmeric Powder – Follow the ant trail until you react the anthill. Pour turmeric powder along this trail and also around the mounds. After some time, you will notice that the ants have died along that path.

Boiling Water – Boiling water will kill every ant it comes into contact with. Pour boiling water into the slits on the anthills. This will ensure that the hot water finds its way to ants including the queen.

While chemical methods are effective in killing termites, they may cause allergic reactions to the person using them. Use of chemicals is also not environmentally friendly. It is therefore advisable to try out natural methods first before you can even think about the chemicals. Killing ants is a simple process if you know how to do it. By getting the right information, you will not need to call a professional every time ants invade your home.