How To Kill Carpenter Ants Yourself

Carpenter ants are one of the largest ants and they reside both indoors as well as outdoors. They habit moist places, decaying areas and also wood that is hollow. In order to form nest, they usually cut galleries into the wood grain and they provide the passage ways for moving from one section of the nest to the other. Here are several ways that can help a home owner to be able to kill ants:

Using baits for carpenter ants colonies 

In case the carpenter ants cannot be treated directly, it is advisable to use insecticides and using baits in their trails in order to be able to eliminate them.

Inspect areas that have water leaks

Since carpenter ants like places that are dump or those that may be decaying, making sure that you inspect areas that have water leaks is advisable. This will help you to eliminate the nests that they may have built. Treat the nest with gel bait and make sure that you treat these areas that have voids with foram or by use of dust. You may need to treat the carpenter ants trails followed by workers in case they forage with the carpenter ants bait granules.

Seal cracks and crevices

Since the carpenter ants habit this type of areas, it is better to make sure that you seal such areas completely in order to remove any habitation that they may be building.

Eliminate moist areas as well as wood materials

Making sure that you keep your inside home dry as well as outside will help to eliminate the infestation of carpenter ants. Making sure that unwanted wood is kept away from the home is vital since they like to stay on the hollow areas of dry wood. Also make sure that you cut any bushes that might be around the home in order to allow the place to be ventilated and to keep it dry.

Look for them on hot spots

Make a thorough search for the carpenter ants in places like the carpets that are on the doors and around the house foundation. Search if there are any ants that are in the littered areas that have mulch and leaf litter. Make sure that you rake the mulch back to the foundation in order to check for any colonies. Make sure that you look for them in items that are in contact with the ground.

Be aware of where they hang around

In order to be able to eliminate the carpenter ants, then it is important to know that these ants can establish themselves in any kind of a structure. Areas that have tree stumps, wood piles, moist damp wood or landscape timbers are one of the most venerable areas that carpenter ants like. Locate their trails early in the morning or late in the evening when they are foraging. Make sure that you trail them back to the colony where they are coming from. In the interior areas, the carpenter ants will be found near a moist kitchen and around the bath areas.