How To Kill Fleas Yourself

Flea infestation at home is a widespread issue during summer. The odds are higher if there are pets in the house. Fleas initially attack the pet’s furry coats and gain entry into the house thereafter, they spread rapidly, all around the place. In fact, fleas can invade the whole house in a short amount of time because even a single female flea lays around 50 eggs each day! This is why it’s important to know how to kill fleas fast!

These eggs hatch in 1-2 weeks and the larvae takes shelter in carpets or bedding for nearly 200 days. Most people are sensitive to flea bites and can develop harsh allergic reactions. Additionally, fleas can also transmit numerous diseases. Due to these reasons, it becomes important to eradicate them as soon as possible and safeguard the health of the people and pets that live in the house.

Signs of Fleas In Your Home and On Your Pets

Fleas are blood-sucking pests that are small in size, which makes it hard to notice them. Hence, one should keep an eye for signs of fleas wandering in the house.

If the pet scratches and bites its skin continuously then it may be due to fleas. One can also look for tiny black spots on the pet’s fur, which are actually flea droppings. This can be confirmed by putting the droppings in water. If it turns reddish-brown, it would mean that there are fleas present in the house. Oftentimes you might even see these disgusting little buggers scrambling around through your pet’s fur as you search around for signs of their presence. One can find these dropping near the pet’s bedding as well. If the flea infestation is bad enough even the carpet, floor, crevices of furniture etc, may have these droppings.

how to kill fleasFlea bites on yourself or those who live in the household is another significant sign. Flea bites are itchy, red welts that are generally concentrated in one particular area. Moreover, people who are bitten by fleas tend to develop allergic reactions. Once it is established that fleas are present in the house, one has to take instant measures to eliminate them.

Killing Fleas Effectively

Though killing these pests can be troublesome, one can succeed in eradicating them by following appropriate preventive methods and home remedies, which are as follows.

Flea Bomb

Flea bombs, also known as flea foggers, are a cost-effective solution to eliminate fleas from the house, without hiring a pest control professional. This device is actually a pressurized can that contains propellants, which sprays aerosol poison through the nozzle around the targeted areas. When the flea bomb is activated, it disperses fumes that spread all around the area and kill fleas. Flea bombs are better than most flea control techniques because they can reach places that are hard to reach, otherwise.

Vacuuming Daily

A thorough vacuuming of the whole house, particularly, the carpet is essential as fleas easily get stuck in it. Additionally, it would be a good idea to wash all the mats, rugs and bedding in hot water to destroy the fleas that are present in them. Also, vacuuming on a daily basis, even after washing these flea infested things, can go a long way in preventing the multiplication of the pests.

Killing Fleas Outside

Apart from the home, one should also spray pesticides in their lawn, garden and patio. All these areas must not be overlooked as they are generally frequented by humans and pets. There are certain pesticides available in stores that are designed to be used in gardens, but one can also use the same pesticides that they use in the house.

Killing Fleas on Your Pet

A flea comb will be required to search for fleas on the pet’s fur. After combing the pet’s fur, one should immerse the comb in hot water, immediately, to destroy the fleas. The pet might not like being brushed with a wet comb, but it is an effectual way to eliminate the fleas from the pet’s body. One can also wash their pet’s coat with a safe, non-toxic, mild shampoo to keep the fleas at bay. Another option would be to take the pet to a vet and get a flea treatment done.


Diatomaceous-earth can be purchased in powdered form. It contains fossilized algae and its sandy particles have jagged edges that can easily cut through the protective external layer of a flea’s body. A cut in the protective layer can dehydrate the fleas and kill them. Moreover, if the fleas ingest the particles, then the sharp edges can tear their body apart. However, before using diatomaceous earth, one must use protective gears such as goggles and a respiratory mask since; inhaling this powder may cause severe irritation.

One should always opt for food-grade diatomaceous earth because it is not very harmful. Additionally, it would be best to sprinkle the powder sparingly on carpets, mattresses, stairs, under the beds and other furniture, near the pet’s sleeping areas etc, and leave it through the night. The following morning, these areas should be cleaned using soapy water or a vacuum cleaner.


It can be difficult to make sure that the pets do not get infested by fleas when they stroll out in the garden. Hence, it would be advisable to keep the vicinity around the house clean as pets usually like to play in the garden. In such cases, one can use nematodes. Nematodes are tiny worms that feed on flea larvae therefore; they can prove to be an effective remedy for flea control.

Overall, with these simple flea control methods, one can ensure that their home and pets are flea-free in just a matter of few days. By maintaining a clean environment within the house and with proper pet health care, one can effortlessly overcome the issue of fleas. However, you must remember that, even after eradicating the fleas, you have to continue with these flea control treatments occasionally, to prevent the chance of re-infestation in future.