How To Kill Fruit Flies Yourself – 8 Ways

One fly species that commonly infests homes is the fruit fly. Fruit flies, scientifically classified as Drosophila melanogaster, are a little easier to identify than houseflies. Fruit flies have tan bodies and red eyes and are usually small in size. These fruit flies are distributed all over the world, too, so most areas with human habitation can be infested with these insects. These fruit flies are more of a nuisance, but sometimes they carry infections and disease, and they breed quickly which is why it’s good to know how to kill fruit flies fast.

How do I know if my household’s being infested by fruit flies?

how-to-kill-fruit-fliesThere are some indications of fruit fly infestation that you can look out for. The most obvious indication is the presence of numerous fruit flies around the household. While two to three fruit flies don’t necessarily make up an infestation, you should worry about seeing clusters of fruit flies at one time in certain areas of your house. Fruit flies tend to swarm around areas where they breed or feed, so be extra watchful of areas where organic matter is commonly present, such as kitchens and gardens. If you have many potted plants around the house, you’ll also need to keep a close eye on these items.

You’ll also have to look out for the presence of eggs and maggots in your home. Eggs are usually found in moist and warm areas; usually, these are found in areas where kitchen waste, animal waste, and human waste are located.

You may also see maggots in breeding areas for fruit fly eggs, since maggots don’t usually travel from where they’re hatched. Maggots feed off waste, so you’re likely to find these in waste materials such as manure.

Another indication you can watch out for is the sound of fly infestation. If you listen closely, you’ll be able to detect the presence of fruit flies or maggots in your home.

8 Ways to Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

#1 – Apple Cider Vinegar

Take half a cup of apple cider vinegar and place it into a microwave. Heat the cup for about 10 seconds. Place the cup where you have located many fruit flies gathering. The heat creates a stronger fragrance from the vinegar, which fruit flies cannot resist. After a few days, you should see lots of dead fruit flies in the cup of vinegar.

#2 – Wines

Just like many wine enthusiasts, fruit flies love the smell of wine. Fruit flies love to gather around leftover wine glasses that have not been rinsed. When you use wine as bait, it is also very effective. Pour half a glass of wine and let it sit near where you see lots of fruit flies. They will be drawn to the wine glass within a matter of minutes where you will be able to dispose of them.

#3 – Tequila

The same method mentioned using wine also works great with tequila. Fruit flies love the agave smell that tequila gives off. You will see several fruit flies floating in the tequila in no time.

#4 – Jar and Rotting Fruit

Find an old piece of rotting fruit and make sure to cut it open so that you can expose as much of it as possible. Heat up half a cup vinegar or red wine and pour in a large amount of white sugar or honey. Mix it until it has a syrup-like consistency. Mix in the rotting fruit and then pour the entire amount you desire into a jar. This liquid is very effective because over time it will ferment. When fruit flies are attracted to this stuff, their wings stick to the liquid so they are trapped and eventually drown.

#5 – Bourbon

This beverage is not only a favorite for some drinkers, but also very useful to rid your home or business of fruit flies. If you have a bourbon bottle that is empty of its contents, there is still the aroma left inside the bottle. Fruit flies are attracted to this and the great thing is that the bottle serves as a funnel. Once the fruit flies go inside, it is quite easy to cap the bottle and be rid of these pests.

#6 – Incense

Incense works well in smoking out fruit flies. Although many people do not like the smell of incense, it is very effective because fruit flies cannot handle inhaling the smoke. When they inhale the smoke, they die very quickly ridding you of these pests.

#7 – Milk, Sugar, and Ground Pepper

Take 2 ounces of ground pepper, ¼ pound of raw sugar, and one pint of milk and simmer it together in a saucepan from eight to ten minutes. Pour the mixture into a shallow dish and the fruit flies will immediately attack it and die.

#8 – Lemongrass Oil

This oil is quite useful for killing a variety of insects and other pests to include fruit flies. Take ten drops of lemongrass oil and dilute it with two ounces of water in a shallow container. This solution will kill the fruit flies in a matter of minutes.

The best way to kill fruit flies is probably best determined by your specific situation and may require some experimentation. Now that you know how to kill fruit flies naturally, you can enjoy all your favorite fruits and vegetables without those nagging pests flying around you or your food. You can now identify places inside your home or business that are potential areas for them and use the ways mentioned here to get rid of fruit flies. Enjoy your produce and do not let those little annoying critters bother you ever again.