How To Kill Lice Eggs

Lice eggs are more commonly referred to as the nits. Lice refer to the parasites which infest the scalp of people. They are basically transmitted by person to person contact and can sometimes be also get transmitted by clothes. Let us have a look at the following steps on how to kill lice eggs.

Be prepared for a long procedure

Killing the adult lice invloves a very simple procedure but it is a bit difficult to kill their eggs. So you need to be consistently vigilant in case of the lice eggs.

Start with a good quality lice treatment

The lice treatment solutions are available from the local drug stores. You should check for its quality. The lice treatment solution is more commonly referred to as the pediculicide. It is advisable to get a good nit comb so as to remove the nits from your hair.

Apply the treatment to your hair

Carefully go through all the instructions mentioned on the bottle and make sure that you follow all the directions especially the ones regarding the duration of application and its removal procedure.

Remove the treatment as per mentioned

Make sure that you do wash your hair with shampoo or conditioner your hair with a usual shampoo for a minimum period of 1-2 days following the treatment. Follow as per directed in the instructions.

Change into clean clothes

It is very essential for the person going undergoing the treatment to change into clean clothes and make sure to wash the dirty ones as there are chances of lice transmission via clothes of the affected person.

Remove the fainted or dead lice

By this time almost all the lice in your head should be dead. Remove the dead ones using the nit comb. If you find that there are still live lice then you should consider changing your pedicullicide. You would need a much stronger treatment. You can always choose to consult the doctor for confirmation. It is very important to cover the contaminated person’s eyes while applying the treatment.

A nit comb should be used on a regular basis

The nit comb should be used on a daily basis and this process should continue for at least about 2 to 3 weeks. You would also need to perform a second treatment after about 10-12 days to ensure that no lice and lice eggs are left undead.

Clean all the belongings of the affected person

All the belongings of the person which include his/her towels, bedding, clothes must be washed in hot water.

Apply something acidic

This is considered to be a natural way of killing lice eggs. Lice die or faint when subjected to acidic taste or smell. So you can always try putting some vinegar on hair. Then leave it for about two hours. Shampoo your hair properly and then make an effort to completely remove the pests using the nit comb. It is always advisable to take action early as possible.

Although lice serve to be great nuisance for people, these are actually harmless and do not cause any serious diseases.