What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

At some point, you have found your house invaded by some uninvited guest. However what fascinates me most is that the smallest of our homestead invaders tend to be the most disturbing.

Measuring less than an inch (0.25″ adults), Bed Bugs are some of the most infamous household parasites. Well, they are flightless and deceptively cowards; however under the cover of the darkness, a time you lay to rest, Bed Bug emerge in their hundreds and launch an all-out assault on your defenseless self.

So, What Does a Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

Bed Bugs are deceptively elusive, so, if you are not keen it may take you weeks or even months to realize you are sitting right in the middle of a bed bug takeover.

Well, if you have never encountered Bed Bugs before, it is understandable to confuse their bites with that of other blood dependent insects like mosquito and flea bites. However, Bed Bug bites have a unique pattern, so, if you are a keen observer, singling out their bites is quite simple.

Mostly, bed bug bites appear in a zig-zagged pattern of about 5 to 3 bites around the exposed areas of your body, however, bites may appear in a small cluster or a line. Normally the elusive bites appear like small, flat and raised spots that after a day or so turn into small inflamed itchy and red blisters. Additionally, you need to recognize that bed bug bites may take a few days before you start experiencing their itching symptoms.

Depending on the parts exposed when asleep, bed bug bites will appear in various places. Mostly, you will find bug bites on areas around the face, shoulder, arms, and legs. However, if you love without a T-shirt you may find bites around the chest, stomach and the back.

There is a misconception about bed bug bites that I would like to you to be aware of. Many people think that a mature bed bug will make a bigger bite compared to a juvenile. Well, logically this may seem true; however, the size of a bed bug bite is determined by a number of factors.

  • Your Sensitivity – When bugs bite, they inject their saliva into your system which is rich in anti-coagulating components. Sometimes depending on how your body responds to this coagulation inhibiting elements, the bites may either become larger in size or not. So, if you are hypersensitive, definitely you will develop bigger bites.
  • Number of Bites – The number of times you are bitten also influences the size of the bite. If you are bitten several times on one the same area, it means that more bug saliva is injected into your system hence a bigger bite spot.
  • Common Signs of Bed bug Infestation – Apart from bites blood stains is strong evidence that your house is infested by bed bugs. Mostly the stains appear around the bed edges and corners. When you are asleep, you may get tired and subconsciously rollover crushing open blood filled bed bugs. This leaves your mattress, sheets, pillowcase or pajamas with deep blood stains.

Stains may also result from the bug’s fecal deposits. After filling their bellies with your nutritious blood, bed bugs usually pee. Seriously, this parasitic insect really fascinates by their disgusting level of disregard to their own hosts. However, stains from bed bug pee are less visible and harder to remove.

Other possible signs of bed bugs are like bed bug sheds and egg shells that you may mostly find close to their hideouts (tiny cracks on your house wall, small bed spaces, and other dark hideouts). Additionally, a musty odor that smells like a wet towel is also a sign of bed bug infestation.